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Ayre Acoustics

Delineating a fresh new appearance for the Australian audience of the brand that has tradition, ongoing innovations as well as open vision incorporated

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Bauer Audio

Bauer Audio is the home of famous dps turntable, the brainchild of Mr. Willibald Bauer of Germany. The dps was conceived as a culmination of his long experience in using and setting up several other turntable brands.

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Bergmann Audio

Every single part of the Air bearing Turntables and Tonearms are designed by Johnnie Bergmann and manufactured in the Bergmann workshop in Denmark.

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The creator of Boenicke speakers, Sven Boenicke, has spent more time in concert halls recording live music than most other loudspeaker manufacturers.

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Copland prides itself in producing a limited range of exquisite audio components.

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The Hana brand cartridges are hand made by the Excel Sound Corporation in Tokyo, Japan; who have been making cartridges on an OEM basis for 50 years, specialising in MC types.

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Harbeth Loudspeakers

Harbeth sound. Enjoy the natural sound at home. Harbeth is one of the best sounding speakers you could ever own.

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Kudos Audio is one of the fastest growing high-performance loudspeaker brands in the UK. Deliberately daring to move beyond the traditional rulebook, Kudos takes an uncommon approach to loudspeaker design.

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Lavardin’s new technologies have only one goal : musical enjoyment.

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Pixel Magic bring their digital expertise to High-End Audio with LUMIN, the Audiophile Network Music Player Family. Awards and glowing reviews from the industry’s most respected websites and magazines have followed.

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Audio Magic is bringing the Rogers of England distinguishable quality for the first time in Australia.

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The Roon Nucleus and Nucleus + feature an Intel i-core processor, solid state (SSD) storage and memory.

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Tellurium Q

Tellurium Q is a home of quality audio cables, made in UK. Their greatest goal and achievement is combating phase distortion and bringing the most transparent and natural sound possible.

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TonTräger Audio

TonTräger Audio is a young creative company crafting high-end sound furniture for exquisite listening enjoyment. Based in Füssen, Germany, we are surrounded by a breath-taking lake scenery at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps.

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Kudos Audio arrives Down Under at Audio Magic By Whathifi


British-made loudspeaker brand finally available in Australia

Rogers E20a/ii Integrated Amplifier By Soundstageaustralia


The control options are bare-boned. A simple set of twin knobs allotted to volume control and input selection flanking the circular infrared receiver window mentioned above are the only functional components in the chiselled and 18mm thick anodised front panel.

The SoundStage! Australia Products Of The Year Awards 2021


So, dressed in the fresh hues, we announce the soon-to-arrive Festive Season and New Year with the SoundStage! Australia Products of the Year Awards 2021! Again, this year presents an exciting mix of exceptional products, each making their own powerful statement of excellence while standing at the frontline of their market space. A thorough and systematic examination of all the products reviewed throughout 2021 led to the final listing and the awardees’ alphabetical allotment into our unique categories.

Tellurium Q Blue II Cables Review by Hifipig


“Tellurium Q Blue II offers a fantastic and great value upgrade for those looking for good sounding and well put together loudspeaker and interconnect cables. They have a balanced and pleasing sound to them that allows you to enjoy the music without wanting to dissect it or feel that you are missing anything. They are still in the system if that is any indication.” Stuart Smith, HiFi

Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 XD review by Whathifi


Harbeth tricks me every time. Every time the courier delivers a pair of Harbeth loudspeakers for review, I prepare to lift the first carton by bending my knees and keeping a straight back, then when I lift, I end up virtually launching the carton towards the ceiling, so light-weight is the speaker inside it.

Copland CSA 70 Integrated Amplifier Review by Avforums


The first UK review of the CSA70 is out now. AVForums, the UK’s second most visited specialist website on the subject of audio/AV equipment (after What Hi-Fi?) with around 3.3m unique visits per month, has awarded the CSA70 a super-rare score of 10/10 and a Best in Class badge.

StereoNET Product Of The Year Awards 2021


It's been a funny old year for most of us, but the hi-fi world hasn't stood still – and there's been a plethora of exciting new products to try and sometimes even buy. In StereoNET's 2021 Awards, we list all the hi-fi, AV and portable designs that we loved in the past twelve months, across an even wider range of categories than last year.

Rogers AB3a Subwoofer reviewed by Hifinews


What you get are sized exactly like the Rogers AB3a's quarter-century-old antecedent, but the rear-firing driver count has doubled, each cabinet now hosts a 50W amplifier, and the look is vastly more refined.

Copland CSA 70 Integrated Amplifier Reviewed by Avforums


The Copland Audio CSA 70 is a stereo integrated amplifier that features a selection of analogue and digital inputs. Although we haven’t tested as many of these in 2021 as we did in 2020, it’s still now the type standard for this sort of device and, based on a calm appraisal of the specification, nothing about it stands out as terribly unusual. For all that though, it’s notable in a few ways.

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