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Ayre Acoustics

Delineating a fresh new appearance for the Australian audience of the brand that has tradition, ongoing innovations as well as open vision incorporated

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Bauer Audio

Bauer Audio is the home of famous dps turntable, the brainchild of Mr. Willibald Bauer of Germany. The dps was conceived as a culmination of his long experience in using and setting up several other turntable brands.

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Bergmann Audio

Every single part of the Air bearing Turntables and Tonearms are designed by Johnnie Bergmann and manufactured in the Bergmann workshop in Denmark.

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The creator of Boenicke speakers, Sven Boenicke, has spent more time in concert halls recording live music than most other loudspeaker manufacturers.

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Copland prides itself in producing a limited range of exquisite audio components.

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The Hana brand cartridges are hand made by the Excel Sound Corporation in Tokyo, Japan; who have been making cartridges on an OEM basis for 50 years, specialising in MC types.

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Harbeth Loudspeakers

Harbeth sound. Enjoy the natural sound at home. Harbeth is one of the best sounding speakers you could ever own.

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Lavardin’s new technologies have only one goal : musical enjoyment.

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Pixel Magic bring their digital expertise to High-End Audio with LUMIN, the Audiophile Network Music Player Family. Awards and glowing reviews from the industry’s most respected websites and magazines have followed.

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Audio Magic is bringing the Rogers of England distinguishable quality for the first time in Australia.

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The Roon Nucleus and Nucleus + feature an Intel i-core processor, solid state (SSD) storage and memory.

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Tellurium Q

Tellurium Q is a home of quality audio cables, made in UK. Their greatest goal and achievement is combating phase distortion and bringing the most transparent and natural sound possible.

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TonTräger Audio

TonTräger Audio is a young creative company crafting high-end sound furniture for exquisite listening enjoyment. Based in Füssen, Germany, we are surrounded by a breath-taking lake scenery at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps.

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Rogers LS 5/9 Loudspeakers Review by Australian Hi-Fi


Rogers was founded in the UK in the 1970s by Jim Rogers and, back in the day, was one of the top-three speaker manu- facturers in the UK, not least because the company owned licences to sell speakers designed by the British Broadcasting Corporation, of which the tiny shoebox-sized LS 3/5A is probably the best-known and is certainly the best-selling of the BBC designs.

Tellurium Q Black II RCA interconnect Review by Hi-fi Choice


WHEN CREATING ITS cables Tellurium Q prioritises research that focuses on the nature of electric signals, physical phenomena and choice of materials. The Black II is an evolution of the Black interconnect and features a number of design changes, the details of which the company is keeping under its belt as it wants the performance to speak for itself. The price remains unchanged from its predecessor and for review purposes, we have both the original Black and new Black II.

Tellurium Q Black II RCA Review by Chris Kelly


“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it is clearly not a phrase in Geoff Merrigan’s language library, and we should all be grateful for that. The original Black interconnect was by no means broken, but Geoff set himself the task of improving it and I would say that he has more than achieved his objective… I then switched the cables and with the Mk IIs firmly plugged in sat down and played these albums again. I was open minded of course, but I thought it would be a surprise if I could hear much difference…In fact all five test records sounded better with the Mk II cables.” Chris Kelly, The Ear

Hana Umami Red MC Phono Cartridge Review by Stereonet


As Compact Disc took over in the nineteen-eighties, it followed the market into audio and video accessories, like some of its fellow Japanese rivals. Yet the vinyl revival finally caused Excel to get back into pick-up cartridges, and production was restarted in 2015. The Hana brand was introduced, this time to make high end moving coils, with the company’s owner Masao Okada heading up the design team. The Hana Umami Red you see here is the company’s flagship product.

Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 XD review by Whathifi


With miraculous midrange, deceptively strong bass for the speaker's size, and clear treble, these magical speakers from Harbeth make you feel as if you're listening to the real thing. FOR - Sounds like live, Midrange accuracy, Ultra-clean bass

Harbeth Monitor 30.2 review by Whathifi


The M30.2 speaker is an upgraded version of Harbeth’s M30.1 Do listen to the Harbeth Monitor 30.2s, because you may well decide you prefer the sound of the Harbeth Monitor 30.1s

Tellurium Q Ultra Black II Review by HF&MS


I have the Tellurium Q Black II cable and the Tellurium Q Ultra Black II. The Ultra cable sits to the top of the middle of the product lines offered by Tellurium Q offering the listener the opportunity of, simply unlocking what a well-balanced system can do. - By Simon Wilce

Copland CSA-150 Hybrid Integrated Amplifier Review by Hifiplus


EQUIPMENT REVIEW / COPLAND CSA-150 - “In short, the Copland starts singing from the opening bars of music and has a certain clarity of purpose.”

Copland CSA150 Integrated Amplifier Review by Hifinews


Danish brand Copland beefs-up the power supply to its all-singing, all-dancing CSA100, crowning its range of tube hybrid integrated amplifiers with this heavyweight model.

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