Ayre EX-8 Full Int. amp. digital base with USB + Net Black

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DEMO Ayre EX-8 Full Int. amplifier digital base with USB + Network

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Whether you listen to music over your loudspeakers or through headphones, the Ayre EX-8 two-channel integrated amplifier provides a complete solution for the cutting-edge reproduction of refined audio sound.
All you need to enjoy the experience of your favourite music is to combine a quality pair of loudspeakers or headphones & a digital or analogue input source with the scintillating EX-8.

The Ex-8 is more than equipped to be the centre of your complete audio system with its three analogue inputs (one balanced) & up to six digital inputs (Ethernet, USB, AES/EBU, S/PIDIF & 2 Toslink)
Highly adaptable, the EX-8’s ethernet module is Roon-ready & preconfigured to stream Spotify, Qobuz & Tidal.

Both balanced & unbalanced front facia output connections are driven by Ayre’s exclusive Double Diamond amplifier circuitry and Ayre’s robust analogue linear power supply, which has been designed & constructed to drive the most demanding headphones easily.
As with the headphone outputs, the EX-8 employs the same Double Diamond & linear power circuitry to effortlessly drive your loudspeakers up to 100 watts, into a nominal 8 ohms, per channel.


As mentioned above, the EX-8 model is highly adaptable; as it can come in several guises:

As described above (analogue & digital inputs)
Or as an analogue input only version
Or upgrade with a form of S/PDIF that will allow for further upgrades
A digital base & USB or Ethernet
Or a fully outfitted, QX-8, USB & Ethernet version

o Ayre’s Asynchronous S/PDIF input.
o ESS ES9038Q2M DAC chip
o Ayre custom digital clock
o Ayre’s Minimum Phase digital filter
o Single-pass 16x oversampling
o Ayre’s Double Diamond output stage
o Ayre’s exclusive Equilock gain stage
o Analog volume control
o Linear analog power supply
o High-speed circuit board material
o Up to six digital inputs:
o Ethernet, Asynchronous USB,
o AES/EBU, S/PDIF, Optical (2)
o Ayre Link communication system

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