Blue Speaker Cable Z Plug 2.5m pair

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DEMO Blue Speaker Cable Z Plug 2.5m pair

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Tellurium Blue is the entry-level speaker cable that was designed to be the companion to Tellurium Q Black and has been described by one well-known manufacturer of speakers as having “good mid, but softer sounding” than the Tellurium Black. While having great detail and phase control is less revealing of a system than the Black.

HiFi World has described the most noticeable qualities of this cable as being, “a welcome absence of muddle..” and, “a more neutral, focused, precise aura settled on the music. In fact, the Blue cables exhibited a tremendous sense of control; something that I’ve never heard from any cable at this price point.”

User comment:

“I just thought I’d tell you about my experience with the Tellurium Q Blue speaker cables which my local distributor, Croak Audio, very kindly lent me. I am currently using the Straightwire Symphony between my Monitor Audio S6 and Unison Research Unico amp. The sound can best be described as ultra-smooth and laid back, lacking in detail and life, in other words quite boring to listen to. I also tried a pair of Cardas Crosslink cables and although an improvement over the Straightwire, still too laid back and reticent in the upper octaves. Next up was the TQ and immediately everything opened up. I could hear more detail, the sound somehow came to life and everything now seemed so much more coherent and clear. From top to bottom a more cohesive and coherent sound. An outstanding cable at a very reasonable price, even in South Africa, where we normally pay a premium price for everything that is imported. Needless to say, I immediately ordered a pair from my dealer.”

– Prega Nair, South Africa
Dealer referred to was Croak Audio in South Africa

* Blue - 2x2.0m - 172 AUD

* Blue - 2x2.5m - 215 AUD

* Blue - 2x3.0m - 258 AUD

* Blue - 2x3.5m - 301 AUD

* Blue - 2x4.0m - 344 AUD

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Tellurium Blue is the entry-level speaker cable designed to be the companion to Tellurium Q Black.

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