Ultra Blue Speaker Cable Z Plug 2.5m pair


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If you like a full, rich, clear sound then you need to listen to your system with Ultra Blue. DEMO!

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Building on the strengths of the award-winning Blue cable and going much further. This cable has been developed with home cinema, custom installation and good Hi-Fi performance in mind. If you like a full, rich, clear sound then you need to listen to your system with the Ultra Blue. In terms of performance, the Ultra Blue sits assuredly between the entry-level award-winning Blue and the multi-award-winning Black cables.

User comments:

“Once again, I can’t speak highly enough about your product. The Ultra Blue did take a while to burn in but now sounds simply fantastic. I am getting much more music out of the CD player – to the extent that it seriously challenges the turntable (RP6), in musical terms. Also, interestingly, it throws into much sharper relief the difference between the valves I use in the PL integrated. Have swapped out the 6550Cs, which now sound a bit soggy when fed from the CD, for KT88s, which have much more scale and punch.

All strength to your arm, TQ!”

– Rob Foot, Australia

* Ultra Blue - 2x2.0m - 232 AUD

* Ultra Blue - 2x2.5m - 290 AUD

* Ultra Blue - 2x3.0m - 348 AUD

* Ultra Blue - 2x3.5m - 406 AUD

* Ultra Blue - 2x4.0m - 464 AUD

Tellurium Q price

Why No Tech Specs? Because the cables have been designed from scratch with a different starting point (we believe) the numbers won't help understand what they may sound like. You actually have to listen to them in a system you are familiar with to really get what they do. The difference is not in any way a minor change.
Why should we hand over all the hard work in R&D to our competitors?
Tellurium Q cables do not function like any cable people have heard so even if we did publish the technical specifications people would only be able to calibrate the information to what they have encountered already and then erroneously pigeon hole Tellurium Q.
We are not claiming to have found the holy grail in cables we are just saying that we are focusing on the problem of the distortion of relative phase frequencies and in doing so have (we feel) produced and are producing some outstanding products which represent excellent value for their performance.
I guess that we are unusual in that we really do want people to listen to our cable against similarly priced products because we know that people will mostly choose Tellurium Q once they have swiched rapidly between products a few times and appreciate what the lack of distortion of relative phase relationships really means for their system.
Geoff Merrigan Director , Tellurium Q I hope that you enjoy the performance of your system when you try out our cables.

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