New Lumin firmware available

LUMIN from Hong Kong is one of our favorite network player brands. In the age of streaming hi-res music via home music servers, hard drives, or services such as Tidal, Deezer or Spotify, both software and hardware excellence are of equal importance.

First, there was just original Lumin app, and now all Lumin network players are also ROON READY. Every once in a while, Lumin gets new firware updates with new improvements of controlling and listening experience.

New Lumin firmware v10.2 includes improved MQA DAC-side sound quality (for A1, T1, D1, D2), improved DSD-to-PCM conversion and PCM downsampling sound quality for U1, and integrated RAAT 1.1.28 for Roon.

There are a few important notes from Lumin announcement: in Roon playback of MQA music, the signal path may show an unknown filter - this will become meaningful with a future release of Roon. Also, according to MQA criteria, LUMIN S1 DAC-side sound quality has already been at its best since Firmware 9.01.

All the good choices are there; feel free to schedule your Lumin listening session!

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