Vinni Rossi amp reviewed in Sound Stage Australia

It’s been a couple of months since Audio Magic started Australian distribution for Vinnie Rossi modular amplifiers. Now it is time to read some reviews and listen to competent analysis. Vinnie Rossi LIO is a great solution for combining different components onto your system, whether it is DAC, phono stage, or other option. There is a space for up to 5 different modules.

“While LIO’s rendering of key aspects such as tonality, harmonic decay, dynamics, bass control, etc., was class-leading, the unit also performed above par when it came to spatial information. Imaging was precise with well-focused instruments and vocalists, all within a large soundfield. Live recordings (…) presented accurate impressions of hall ambience and audience presence”, says Edgar Kremer from Sound Stage! magazine.

The review points out that “Vinnie Rossi LIO modular component is quite the breath of fresh air” with special mention of “versatility and flexibility”.

“LIO is an exceptional performer through all the configurations tested. It’s natural, smooth yet resolving, capable of great transient attack, pleasingly – and only marginally – mellow-sounding through the midrange and highs while being a strong walloper with its tight and fast bass. Its tonal accuracy and harmonic decay is exemplary too” – conclusion is very clear!

Read the complete review here

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