MAG-LEV turntables is getting ready for production and deliveries

 MAG-LEV audio team updated their projections for production and deliveries. As they say, last supplier merchandise will arrive at their factory on Januar 28th. After that turntables will be ready for assembling and packaging!

Some of the parts of MAG-LEV turntable already prepared for mass production:

• Turntable Bottoms
• Fixed Levitating Platters
• Levitating Platter Covers
• Transparent Rings
• RCA Connectors
• GND Connectors (GROUND)
• Motors for Platter Feet
• Vibration Damping Elements for lifting of the Feet
• Rotors for lifting of the Feet
• Motors for the Tonearm
• Dampening Rubber Rings

More info is coming soon. Complete info and photo gallery is available here.

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