The LIO DAC (digital-to-analog converter) allows you to enjoy maximum fidelity from all your digital music sources, including legacy PCM and the latest super-resolution DSD formats. It combines high resolution with a rich, natural midrange to provide you with an exciting, involving and detailed musical presentation from any digital audio stream. This groundbreaking component provides USB, coaxial, and optical inputs to connect up to three digital audio sources such as CD players and music servers.
We achieve lifelike soundstaging, wide stereo separation and three-dimensional imaging using a dual-mono implementation with independent AKM d/a converters per channel. The icing on the cake is the optional tube output stage that provides a greater level of midrange seduction and realism.

And because LIO DAC takes a modular design approach, it can evolve to meet your future needs and keep up with new digital technologies. LIO signals the end of obsolescence and the rebirth of lasting value and long-term ownership.

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