Copland CSA70 Integrated Amplifier Review by Stereonet


Under the hood, this Copland employs an Amenero USB interface, and an optional Bluetooth module is also available. Interestingly, the higher-spec ESS DAC (used in the CSA100 and CSA150 models) is replaced by the older Wolfson WM8740 in the CSA70, which is already behind the curve, being ‘just’ 24/192 PCM with no facility to handle DSD. However, this is still sufficient to work with the vast majority of music files currently out there and will be for a while, I reckon.

In the flesh, the CSA70 is a handsome, regular-sized integrated amplifier that measures 435x150x370mm and weighs around 12kg. I like its beautifully finished 10mm thick brushed aluminium fascia plate (available in silver or black), which gives the amp a classy, understated look. Two large rotary knobs on the front protrude by about 35mm; the left knob is the input selector, while the right knob controls volume.

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