The SoundStage! Australia Products Of The Year Awards 2021


Awardees 2021

Of course, I’d like to thank our dedicated writers around the country. Each has their individual style and personal approach to the evaluation process while sharing a common passion for music and an enthusiasm for discovering the nuances of outstanding audio products.

As I said in past Awards intros, “we select the awardees based on a number of parameters. Of course, the most important of these is performance. If it don’t shake the booty, it don’t cut it. As the sweeteners, build quality, engineering proficiency, features list and other elements we deem important come into play. Even a product’s heritage and its overall historic relevance play a part, especially in the ‘Hall of Fame’ and the newly-introduced [2020] ‘Evolutionary Design Achievement’ awards.”

Lastly, SoundStage! Australia owes its growth to a loyal, expanding readership (viewership too, via our YouTube channel’s varied series) and a strong network of corporate supporters… all part of our expanding Australian and global universe.

Wishing all a merry Festive Season and a happy and healthy 2022!

Products of the Year 2021: Harbeth loudspeakers Super HL5+ XD Walnut

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