Rogers LS 5/9 Loudspeakers Review by Australian Hi-Fi

The LS 5/9 has been out of production for many years, not least because the Chinese company that now owns Rogers, the Wo Kee Hong Group, stopped UK production in the 90s and, when it moved Rogers production to China, simply ceased making this and many other classic Rogers designs, instead developing lower-priced models sold exclu- sively into the Chinese domestic market.

The great news is that the Rogers LS 5/9 is once more back in production, and that it’s being produced in the UK under the guidance of one of the design engineers who was working for Rogers back in the early 90s, Andy Whittle.

The Rogers LS 5/9 is a classic two-way bass reflex design that sees a 34mm diameter soft dome tweeter matched to a 210mm diameter polypropylene-coned bass/mid- range driver.

The tweeter is an Audax TWO34XO that’s made in France, to the front face of which Rogers fits what it calls a ‘dispersion loading protective plate’ in the form of an enor- mously strong non-ferrous perforated dome.

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