Tellurium Q Black II RCA interconnect Review by Hi-fi Choice


WHEN CREATING ITS cables Tellurium Q prioritises research that focuses on the nature of electric signals, physical phenomena and choice of materials. The Black II is an evolution of the Black interconnect and features a number of design changes, the details of which the company is keeping under its belt as it wants the performance to speak for itself. The price remains unchanged from its predecessor and for review purposes, we have both the original Black and new Black II.

After connecting the original Black interconnect between my valve phono stage and valve preamp, I start off with some cool jazz music from German harpist Jonny Teupen. His version of Handel’s Harp Concerto In B Flat Major starts conventionally enough, but when the double bass, drums and scat female vocals join in the music soon transforms into energetic jazz.

Each instrument occupies its own well-defined position within the spacious soundstage. I then swap to the Black II and immediately sense an increase in the size of the soundstage with a feeling of more space around each player, which really contributes to the realism of the performance. The music is reproduced with superb clarity and precision.

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