Copland CSA150 Integrated Amplifier Review by Hifinews


This amplifier certainly looks spectacular in the aluminium finish of our sample (black is also offered as an alternative), and operationally it's a pleasure to use. Above all that, it sounds musical, confident and completely unfatiguing which, perhaps, is to be expected from a brand already held in high regard by many audiophiles. The question here, however, is whether the CSA150 represents enough of an upgrade over that aforementioned CSA100, which offers the same broad feature set, a lower claimed power output and, at £3498, a more accessible price tag.

Tubular Sells:
Danish manufacturer Copland is a tube specialist. In the past, the company has made devices without valves, including CD players, but look at the current lineup of DACs, preamps, integrateds and power amplifiers and you'll always find a tube somewhere in the mix. I use 'current range' advisedly, as it includes models – such as the CTA405 integrated valve amplifier [HFN Aug '07] – that have now been in production for over a decade.

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