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Well, with the name of this loudspeaker, Harbeth could have gone a little deeper than that, because such a coherent product doesn't really have to come with such a bulky title. Even friends of the venerable BBC monitors get confused when they string together abbreviations for the various stages of evolution. This construction can be explained, however, as the currently available version is based on a loudspeaker that first saw the light of day in the studio in 1977. At that time it was still the "HL Monitor" that only acted in two ways. Several generations later, the super tweeter was added in 1999, whereupon the box was renamed "Super HL5". Then came the “plus” and now the “XD”.

"XD" stands for "Extended Definition", as usual, the details were fine-tuned, fundamental changes to the principle are out of the question for the "stubborn Scotsman" (quote from Bernd Hömke) Alan Shaw. Then it would have to be a completely new model. Anyone who knows Shaw and his way of working will also be able to explain the step to XD.

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