Rogers LS5/9 Classic SE Loudspeaker by hifinews


With a difference: now you can recreate 'golden age' sound with new kit rather than used, free of the risks of running aged hardware. Allowing for inflation and other concerns, though, the new LS5/9 will set you back considerably more than a decommissioned, ex-BBC pair. Beaten-up LS5/9s exist online for £1000, minters for £2000. Peace-of-mind, in the form of these factory-fresh LS5/9s, costs £4899 for a pair in walnut, olive and Amazaque finishes; add £50 for rosewood.

Panzer Power
Reviewed and pictured here, however, is the deluxe 'SE' version finished in the Amazaque veneer (an African hardwood, and it is gorgeous). What you get with the SE, at £5499 in the basic finishes and £5599 for rosewood or RAL colours, are gold badges and a Panzerholz front baffle [a resin/hardwood composite also used in the Clearaudio Ovation turntable HFN Feb '13]. According to designer Andy Whittle, 'although that sounds a lot, this stuff costs a fortune and is a nightmare to manufacture... but you get the most marvellous open, natural bass'. The £1599 stands are made entirely from the same material (£1499 for the LS3/5A version) and feel as hard as metal.

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