Tellurium Q Black II XLR - Review


It is pretty clear the Tellurium Q Black II XLR cable is a really impressive addition to this particular HiFi system that is absolutely singing...

“As a HiFi enthusiast with no knowledge of Tellurium Q products before now, it has certainly changed my thinking. It will change yours too…. Wish I’d heard Tellurium Q before.”

Simon Wilce, Hi Fi and Music source

Tellurium Q seems to understand this idea better than most and they are clear enough in their thinking to offer their cables as a choice between slight warmth to a system (called the Blue Range) and a more revealing and detailed offering (called the Silver range). The middle ground is under review here in the form of the Black range, seeking to offer a natural sound that will ‘unlock what a well balanced system can do’. Their range of cables acknowledges the natural limitations of inductance and capacitance as well as the external factors that are imparted on the electronic signal and seek to simplify the customer’s choice in cable selection.

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