Tellurium Q Black II Interconnect Cables - Review by Hifipig


Having reviewed ‘new’ versions of existing Tellurium Q cables over the past few years I have always come away amazed at just how much extra information and a cleaner portrayal of the music is possible at the same price bracket at every update. CEO Geoff Merrigan decided to tempt me again with a replacement to the Black interconnect, a new and improved Black II, in this case a balanced XLR version.

As many will know, Geoff isn’t very open in telling reviewers exactly what is inside his cables, rather allowing the reviewer, me, to simply listen to the original Mk1 cable and then the new one to make my own decisions on the differences – and hopefully improvements – attained in the newer model.

The cable is a little thinner and much more pliable than the original, suggesting changes to the dielectric. Of course, the geometry, shielding and conductors were also revised.

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