Rogers LS3/5A SE loudspeakers - Review

To say the classic BBC LS3/5A is ‘iconic’ is something of an understatement. Even though the design is older than many of the people who buy a pair today, despite the BBC having long since moved on to other loudspeakers for speech monitoring in small spaces, and the age of the design notwithstanding, the LS3/5A still pulls in the kind of cult following that few other products can match.

As such, the LS3/5A’s specification sheet is functionally sacrosanct. This means that Rogers making an ‘SE’ version could be the stuff of pitchforks and burning torches (OK, angry posts on internet forums and Twitter feeds... but that is merely the 21st Century version of the angry mob). In fairness, Rogers is one of the few brands that could make a souped-up LS3/5A, as most of those original eras BBC-designed loudspeakers sold in the domestic market had a Rogers badge. But that brand equity would be eaten up fast if the SE version of the LS3/5A was more a ‘homage’ to the speaker than the speaker itself.

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