Harbeth SHL5plus XD Loudspeakers - Review

... I doubt that these Harbeth speakers could look more classic than they do, so much so that if you’d send a layman to “buy a pair of hi-fi speakers”, he would be quite likely to come back with something of their size and proportions. They do look as you’d expect speakers to look on the first photo of the corresponding encyclopaedic entry, but that’s far from being any kind of an issue. Reinforcing this strong Harbeth classical feel is the fact that in imperial measures they are along the lines of “foot by foot by two”. In other words, like a BBC standard.

The pair I auditioned had a cherry veneer and there are other real wood finishes available to make sure these speakers blend well into your listening environment. As per the general guidelines for things classic and standard, they have a cloth grille at the front that can be removed if you want a more detailed sound or if you prefer a more revealing look. Around the back you’ll find just two binding posts; no bi-wiring, no bi-amping, just good minimalist connection.

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