Rogers LS5/9 Classic SE - standmount loudspeaker


Rogers LS5/9 Classic SE - Standmount loudspeaker - Review

It is so appropriate to be testing a Rogers-made BBC loudspeaker design since the company was so closely linked with the broadcaster’s transducer development and manufacture decades ago.

Indeed, the original bass unit of the LS5/9 (under scrutiny here) was a collaboration between BBC engineers and Rogers at a time when the Corporation had lost much of its own loudspeaker expertise: Messrs Harwood and Hughes had left to begin their own manufacturing companies (Harbeth and Spendor, respectively) and Maurice Whatton had also moved on. These three audio ‘giants’ had been behind the creation of other BBC masterpiece designs and when there was a need to create a smaller and, it has to be said, less expensive, version of the LS5/8 Grade One studio monitor, the BBC looked to its principal manufacturer for assistance.

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