Review: TelluriumQ Black II, Blue Diamond and Ultra Black II Speaker Cables


Connecting with music playback is critical to properly intuit intent, ability, recording quality, mastering traits and ultimately the chosen storage medium. Whether it is an LP, cassette, CD or online streaming service, hearing everything as the artist and production engineers intended is the brass ring audiophiles invariably grasp at. Sources, preamps, amplifiers and speakers are all key elements to solving the subjective equation of high fidelity, but so are the cables connecting them – and the listener – to the music.

In an analogue-based, or CD-based system, there are only three types of cables required: AC, interconnects, and speaker.

Computer or network/streaming-based systems can add to the cable count. Regardless of what your front end looks like – and unless you’ve gone full wireless – speaker cables are required. And in the context of an average analogue system, after addressing AC cables and then interconnects, speaker cables are arguably the next most important upgrade to facilitate furthering one’s insights into their music.

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