Rogers Hi-Fi iconic BBC speakers


Rogers' Andy Whittle explains the why and the how:

To the younger hi-fi enthusiast, of whom there are undoubtedly some among our ranks, it might come as a surprise to learn the BBC once designed its own speakers. The same licence fee that's now used to fund new series of Mrs Brown's Boys was once invested in what Rogers Hi-Fi's Andy Whittle calls Britain's "world-breaking commitment to audio".

What Hi-Fi?: Let’s talk about your background. How did you get from where you started to where you are today?

Andy Whittle: I started in 1985 with Goodmans loudspeakers. At that time, Goodmans had a license for making the BBC LS3/5A. I worked on what was then the MkII Goodmans Maxim; there was an original Goodmans Maxim in the 60s, which was partly designed with Laurie Fincham from KEF. When I worked at Goodmans, they were making 3/5As and wanted to reinvent the Maxim name, but a cheaper version. I designed the Maxim II speaker, which got some awards and good reviews.

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