Tellurium Q Ultra Black 2 DIN - RCA Phono cable

This is another for the brand new tonearms cable:

The new tonearm cable has been a bit of a surprise, even that we produced it! After the Statement tonearm cable we said that was it, no more. But there has been so much pressure from distributors, dealers and customers that we caved around 6 months ago and pulled out our archived research work to see what could be done at the mid-range. Seems to have been worthwhile.

Like that Statement cable before it, the Ultra Black II tonearm cable needs 2-3 days factory conditioning before being released to get anywhere near its best performance.
"While many similar tonearm cables from this price point do well to translate both detail, bass grunt and clarity, the Ultra Black II really did take all three areas onto a new level. "
Paul Rigby,

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