Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 anniversary SoundStage review

While the approach a designer adopts in the making of a loudspeaker may be different to peers from around the globe in terms of components used, construction methodologies, differing priorities etc., engineering principles are a converging factor no matter the designer’s in the UK. Having said that, a designer’s own aural biases, his/her interpretation, may differ and therefore diverge a speaker’s sonic tuning, sometimes dramatically.

This is far less so nowadays than a few decades ago when the ‘British’ and ‘American East/West Coast’ sounds were at discordant cross-purposes, splitting audio enthusiasts into tribal camps. Has British loudspeaker maker Harbeth Audio, with its new Compact 7ES-3 40th Anniversary Edition, made a valiant shot at bridging the divide between the analytical and the musical? 



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