The Pursuit Perfect System audio reviewer Terry Ellis

The Pursuit Perfect System audio reviewer Terry Ellis, could not resist expressing his amazement by the effect Tellurium Q Statement cables had on the sound on his review system from the first hour. Set of speakers’ cables, power cable and interconnect Statement is what he got for a review and managed to acquire the best of Tellurium effect.

Massive improvement, he states, in lots of ways compared to how the system was sounding before. The incredulity he is keen to share could be recognised with ease in his words “… the sound now is on a different planet, hence my excitement…I am speechless. These Statements are unbelievable, unbelievable…”.

Please check the video on the following link:

Moreover, official Tellurium successes and appreciations of the quality continue counting. It is with enormous pleasure to introduce the nomination of the Statement power for an award at the RMAF at the Denver Show. This is the first Tellurium cable at the show.

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