Tellurium Q Ultra Black 2 review HIFI+

Recently, Jason Kennedy shared his impression about the experience with Tellurium Q Ultra Black speakers’ cables as well as Ultra Black RCA interconnect cables.

For the Ultra Black II speaker cable, he shared the following:

“The character of the speaker cables is distinctly pacy; this is very much a rhythm-oriented cable, where timing is given top billing regardless of the music being played. And this makes it very engaging and powerful; my foot started tapping of its own accord and I found myself swept up with the groove on all manner of tracks.”

“Tellurium Q Ultra Black II is a remarkably coherent and “well-timed” cable”

Ultra Black II RCA, on the other hand, impressed him in a different way:

“Adding the Ultra Black II RCA interconnect reinforced this balance and opened up the sound stage, cymbal splashes became more obvious, and guitar notes more pronounced. It’s very much a leading edge cable, but avoids the forwardness that other cables of its ilk tend to introduce. It has a superb sense of immediacy and acoustic instruments like drum kits sound all the more real as a result.”

“Tellurium Q Ultra Black II is a remarkably coherent and “well-timed” cable”

Jason Kennedy, HiFi +


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