Ayre at Audio Magic AVHUB

It is not uncommon, the key to the complex success to be described in simple words. Ayre’s vice president explains everything that Ayre Acoustic is doing with “the Charlie way”.

Charles Henson, together with Peter Bohacek and Katie Lehr are founders of the company who, each in its own way, left remarkable trace into the way Ayre Acoustic is operating today. Respecting and believing in ‘the right way’, Audio magic is continuing with the introduction of Ayre’s highlights.

In this occasion, the emphasis is on Ayre EX-8, Integrated Hub Amplifier.

The modular and upgradable approach of the products, then heaps of engineering and innovation involved, makes the Ayre range quite attractive. Their eye-catching impact is equal to those who know the brand as well as enthusiasts who respect the quality.

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