Lumin U1 mini Soundstage Australia

Lumin became a synonym for a fast-responsive reliable music player that gives the listener an opportunity to enjoy the favourite music. Recognising the potential, Audio Magic is trying to bring the brand closer to a broader audience. Besides the other forms of promotion, our objective is to reach people fascinated in the form of relevant reviews and share as more details as possible for the products.

Being Roon ready, with Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify, TuneIn onboard and AirPlay support, overall, U1 Mini does not diverge from the exceedingly considered pricier Lumin range in any aspect.

Eliminating the DAC from the setup, but simultaneously integrating the power supply into the single-box unit, U1 Mini is the extensively affordable answer for complex modern life desires. It is a low-price range solution for audiophiles that have an emotional connection. People can enjoy their existing conventional pieces and integrate them with all the modern-day technology benefits introduced lately.

Sound Stage - Australia reviewer has recognised the potential and exposed himself to the challenge with this piece of hi-end equipment.

His thoughts, impressions and overall judgements you can find on the following link:

SoundStage Australia review 

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