EX-8, Ayre's single box streaming integrated amplifier

EX-8, Ayre's single box streaming integrated amplifier

Latest HiFi tendencies show that simplicity and one-box solutions are captivating. Ayre follows the trend and modular EX-8 represent precisely this approach. Additionally, offering a reasonable solution for every taste and needs by the principle if you need and can afford it, and you can have it in a single case. This way, the listeners focus switches away from the equipment and towards the music.

The look and engineering are a combination of simplicity and practicality, admirably clean fascia and increased underside clearance that provides airflow and ventilation through the bottom of the casing.

The impression of clearness and transparency is represented in the sound as well. People who had a chance to experience the integrated streaming amplifier says that ‘Music through the EX-8 plays to the head primarily, but also reaches out to the heart’. The EX-8 allows no dark corners in the soundstage, everything is audible and the view of the world is less filtered.

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