German LITE Magazin review Lumin U1 mini

... Nowadays, the extensive HiFi setup requires access to the modern world of streaming and the U1 Mini from Lumin is principally suitable for this. This compact dimensions Network player with a wide range of connectivity options and hi-res support enriches almost every HiFi chain with ease.

Lumin characterise with a software their team developed for the range of products. At the same time, Lumin pays immense attention to the quality control performing 100-hours recording phase for each product before delivery. This way, one gets plug and play item in his hands. The overall enjoyment could be recognised in the words of the author “…So vivid can music sound when experts are at work… “

Read about all these facts and considerably more in details posted in the German “Lite Magazin” by Martin Sowa, by following this link:


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