Lumin D2, a surprising product in the range.

Lumin D2, a surprising product in the range.

Back in 2012 Lumin launched the first DSD streamer on the market and since then, works on improvement and enhancement of the network players to bring them as closer as possible to the audiophiles. 

One says that D2, even though the entry level in the Lumin offer, is almost a dreaming machine in its class with integrated DAC. The full aluminium housing, heavy and perfectly processed relation straightaway visible when unpacking, gives people an initial assurance of hi-tech engineering and precision involved. The integrated and well shielded in the case power supply along with the formidable, highly attractive packaging are few more attributes that fulfil the overall imprint.

The device has all connection, inputs and outputs people can think of, except for a digital input, which generally could be recognised as disadvantage, however, for some peoples’ personal taste, is a plus.

All data formats and system standards are supported and could be well maintained by the authentic Lumin App. The software is stable and has up-to date maximum functionality. For the listeners, Lumin D2 in all formats offers a wonderful balance and clarity in the sound. Listening to the much-loved music with D2 is a balance of smooth and soft flow experience with a ‘spice’ of non-extravagant attention to details.

Simple as a hardware and common-user friendly device, D2 is in an affordable price range. Basic everyday experience is all people need to integrate this network player into their local hi-fi system. In addition to the astonishment of the audiophiles who had a chance to experience this player, the manufacturer would also bravely say, “Perhaps the most surprising product in the range”.


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