Image HiFi Multiple Product of the Year Award


The high-end cable company Tellurium Q has put out a new range of new products which includes three mains cables, each capitative in its own way. The Silver, Ultra Silver and Silver Diamond as they graduate in price and details.  

The silver cable has the ability to stop all muddy sounds that come in the way. The sound given is clear because of the firm hand on each frequency area, also allowing the bass to match with the beat and sound. Front to back transparency is present and that gives way to the sounds in the back to be “visible” to the ear.
Ultra-silver allows even more capacity to extend the dynamic. It allows more tonality and maturity to the sound. The individual instruments are really brought to front here and the sound is even clearer with these cables. The midrange has a very smooth flow as well as reducing the tension and low sound even more. The bass on these isn’t too dominant but isn’t too low either. Has a bit more character than the silver but is still working well with the other sounds.
Silver Diamond is the most finessed out of the whole range of products. These top both the other ranges and they give sound that is so smooth and toned that any harshness from the music instantly goes away with ease. They give the sound more realism and purity but also give very clear sound which allows the instruments and background sounds to be heard.

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