12 of the weirdest turntables ever made

“What HiFi”, the reputable on-line buyers guide, scoured the web to bring some of the weirdest, most interesting turntables’ designs from over the years. There is something for everyone, including a Lego turntable, an underwater deck as well as stylus less/laser beam record read turntable. Among all weird innovation, one of the high ranking places on the list has been kept for the world-widely introduced Mag-Lev turntable, the one that floats in mid air.

The Mag-Lev audio ML1 turntable is one of a kind, magnetically, in an impressive way, holding up and rotating the platter like a UFO.

It looks quite ordinary, while the platter balances on its feet when not in use. Nonetheless, once the tone arm is moved into play position, the feet retract. This course of action leaves the ABS plastic and glass fibre platter suspended in mid-air and the audience could be seen mouth open astonished.

From the practical point of view, this invention is also extraordinary. There are no moving parts inside, no belt and no motor, which makes the expected life of the product significantly extended.

The whole complex is a semi-automatic deck and works at both 33? and 45rpm. Originally, the ML1 model is available in 4 different collours and comes pre-fitted with a Pro-Ject CC9 tone arm and the Ortofon OM 10 cartridge.

What HiFi 


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