Tellerium Q Silver Diamond, brings out the best of your system

Tellerium Q Silver Diamond, brings out the best of your system

Tellurium Q are a UK based company that are widely spread throughout the world despite being on the market for less than 10 years. During that time, the company has won over 40 awards for their high end products. Their products are sorted into three main groups: the blue, black and silver.

All above mentioned groups focus on different sound qualities. Silver range of products particularly focuses on making the sound smooth and clean while helping the system. The silver range, along with the other products, is preferred by customers over other brands. The new cables perform the best when the whole range is used together, however, even when used with other equipment they give high end quality sound.

People would not hesitate to say that transient clarity the Tellurium Q Silver Diamond cables bring into being is just extremely addictive. Talking about Silver Diamond performance and what they do in the system, you crave that clarity, yearn for that resolution and you want being able to see everything really clearly.

Once they have been in a system for a short while, people begin to really hear what the Silver Diamonds are doing. In simple words, end users can hear the problems the cables solve when they are not in the system.

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