Lumin X1, noteworthy music streamer

Lumin X1, noteworthy music streamer

Lumin, a brand that has only been around for a couple of years, has put out some of the best products used today. Over the years it’s been amongst the market, they’ve come out with a range of different products that both customers and reviews couldn’t be happier with. They have now approached the market with the Lumin network player X1.

It is said to be one of the best products they have put out and has been positively reviewed by many with some describing it as “The best I have ever heard that sound on anything”. The features implemented are unique to the product and its size. For network players with the same quality, they are expected to be a bigger size and much pricier. With this one, both the size and price are appropriate and affordable.

Lumins X1 has nailed every aspect of musical performance this generation is looking for. Soundstaging, musical coherence, dynamic range, detail, vocal articulation, solidity of image are just a few of the things the X1 attributes.

HIFI+ Review March 2019.


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