Tellurium Q Ultra Black II speakers cable, perfect range enrichment

Tellurium Q Ultra Black II speakers cable, perfect range enrichment

This model of Tellurium Q cables come in mono pairs flat ribbon construction sheathed in an outer cover. By customer’s choice, gold spades or banana plugs can be fitted.

The sound quality of the system with these cables, people say, is sublime. It is not just one-off event, they witness, it is more like an enjoyable intro to a pleasurable experience thereon. Alchemistic secret incorporated in the Ultra Black II series cables production, mysteriously is competent to draw a picture of the glass clinking in the audience accompanied by the highest pitch tones of the instruments. To complete the illustration, the range of lucid and deep sound of band members’ supreme exhibitions tunes may perhaps be recognised with ease. The Ultra Black II’s grant impression of upgrade, in comparison, like focused lenses image after a period of blurry picture by looking through a camera lens that is out of focus. In simple words, approximation of the real thing or the best could be heard from the melody is what these superior speaker cables are aiming to.

Price vice, people say, Ultra Black II are not the cheapest in the range. Nonetheless, the step up your Hi-FI system believably will experience is more considerable than, in all probability, a tenth of the price of the decent hi-end system (10% rule), you are going to pay for them.

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