Tellurium Q Ultra Black II XLR and RCA


The new Tellurium Q® Ultra Black II Interconnects is coming end of March 2019

Tellurium Q® Ultra Black II XLR

As could be expected from all previous Tellurium Q® developments, a noteworthy step up has been made from the old Ultra Black XLRs with introduction of Tellurium Q® Ultra Black II XLR.

The new XLRs are capable to demonstrate the whole depth and three-dimensionality of the sound, along with more details, accuracy and smoothness than actual Ultra Black XLRs. They are designed to supplement astonishing Ultra Black II speaker cable, however, efficient to stand alone with its performance profile.

Tellurium Q® Ultra Black II RCA

Compared to the old version of TQ® Ultra Black RCA, this upgraded edition is decorated with more accuracy and smooth transfer in the gaps between the notes. Noted easily audible improvements give impression of wider sound-stage while listening to your favourite piece.

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