LUMIN U1 Review Audiophilestyle

LUMIN U1 Review Audiophilestyle

U1 is splendidly engineered Lumin product designed to please the needs of the audiophiles who already use a DAC and satisfied them up to the point. Not a common solution, yet, this model consists of the main transport unit and separate power supply for better audio performance. Monolith-like enclosure that comes in brushed silver aluminium finish or a black brushed aluminium finish, elegantly curved front and a fluorescent display describe a compact and elegant design that promises potential attraction for hi-end audio lovers.

Being music transport, this product conforms to and support most of the major streaming services and formats available, as well as genuine Lumin app. Digital audiophiles would definitely enjoy the variety and easiness the U1 offers.  

The setup of the U1 Network transport unit is pretty straight forward. Once you start using it as a part of your HiFi hardware, becomes intuitive guide on the road to refined musical choice.
All in all, very high-performance unit in a reasonable price range considering the quality and engineering involved. 

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