Tellurium Q Black II, the Best Analogue Cable of 2018

When people listen to Tellurium Q assortment of products, their impression is that each cable in its range is exceptional and fulfil the purpose. The cables are clustered in 3 different 3 families of sound Blue, Black and Silver. Furthermore, within the family, each cable will sound the way it is described, but then again as you move up the range you will get more of it.

The Black Diamond and Silver Diamond cables are at the top of their respective families and both are exceptional, with majority personal preference leaning towards the Silver Diamond.  Both are extremely highly regarded and wholeheartedly recommend by the supplier and people who had a chance to listen to.    

The focus here is on Tellurium Q Black II, so let’s concentrate there. The Tellurium Q Black II speaker cables are the company’s entry level speaker cable from the Black Family. For the sake of truth, they are not, what some might call entry level priced, but they are unquestionably not what anyone would call entry level performance.
It is fascinating comparison between the original Black I and Black II. If I may put it this way, you would be actually impressed by the improved sound quality from what is visually the same product.

The Black II speaker cables are flexible, discrete, could easily fit under carpets or rugs and as such would be very easy to live with in nearly all domestic situations.  They are a very light speaker cable and are therefore very well suited to use with book shelf speakers sitting on top of stands.  All these often-forgotten factors coupled with the overall sound quality at their price point are reason aforementioned cables to be awarded Best Analogue Cable of 2018.  They are a great introduction to what Tellurium Q are all about and if you like what these do, you will love what the other cables do higher up in the range.

At the end, I fell a necessity to remind the readers for the company’s new flagship product the Statements Cables introduced in 2018.  There was not enough time for them to be considered for an award, maybe in 2019.

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