Hana SL

The bar for a great sound at a reasonable cost has been raised and all the blame shell be focused towards Hana SL cartridges. People should be prepared for the feeling of astonishment, or perhaps relieve, when this, under $1000AUD Shibata stylus cartridge, extracts the finest from their LPs, either they are part of the ‘tired’ vintage collection or modern era ones.
More often than not, the liner notes instruct you to “play it loud”. The SL has ability for this recording justice, keeping it all together-something the budget cartridges cannot. Cost effectiveness, on the other hand, perfectly balanced with easiness to use and listen to has been provided by a 400 Ohms loading and 0.5mV output.
Delivering layered vocals and instruments with ease, the SL is a welcome companion through whatever musical neighbourhood you would feel like visiting. Let’s put it this way, though. Possibly the SL is not the ultimate point of diminishing returns, but it represents the point where the vinyl indeed becomes engaging, holding you on the couch record after record, until the wee hours of the morning.
All in all, Hana SL opens the doors of perception to another world if you’re willing to take the journey.

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