Lumin X1 gets a review at

Did you know that Lumin X1 can turn an old school audiophile into hi-tech lover?

 Wi-fi network players are not new on the market, but it takes time for experienced hi-fi enthusiasts to open up for a new technology. It gets easier when it comes to Lumin company, famous for its series of network players. First there was just a Lumin app, and now it's also Roon ready, so there are couple of valuable software solutions to chose. When it comes to hardware, there no need to worry at all. With each new model, it gets better and easier.

The latest Lumin X1 got a review at prestigious audiophile website. Their writer Srajan Ebaen keeps us waiting about the final conclusion, since it's just a first part of a review (to be continued). But it's interesting to read this: "I'm WiFi allergic....It means no tablet remotes. That disqualified audiophile servers which rely on them. Until now".

So, here's the reason (at least, the first part) why the Lumin is the great choice for every hi-fi lover:

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