Amplifiers that “draws the listener deep into the music”

Vinnie Rossi’s new L2 Signature Preamplifier and Monoblock are coming to Australia!

Amplifiers that “draws the listener deep into the music”

Famous for its modular amplifiers, Vinnie Rossi is now ready for the new “big thing” – L2 signature preamp and monoblock! Their ambitions and goals with new products are obvious in the statement about the “new flagship power amplifier design”.
Every audiophile dream becomes alive with this product: texture, clarity, spaciousness, bass extension and articulation, speed and dynamic contrast…these are just some of advantages pointed out in manufacturer release statement.

And about the preamp hardware: “At the heart of the L2 Signature Preamplifier is Vinnie Rossi’s latest Class-A, ultra wide bandwidth, DHT topology powered by patented Belleson super-regulated, dual mono linear power supplies”. And the monoblock specification: “Inside its dense, compact chassis design is a finely-tuned Class AB MOSFET circuit topology powered by a highly responsive linear power supply”.
As with all previous products and designs, even these are created and tested by Vinnie Rossi. Already established as a respected audio manufacturer all over the world, Rossi keeps the business personal and controlled from beginning to an end. Well, this is the reason why we love his approach and his products!

More info and product specifications:

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