Mag-Lev Turntable finally in Australia!

The Slovenian company behind the Mag-Lev turntable, after many months of crowdfunding and promotional campaign, finaly launched their first model ML-1 for sales and distribution. We are happy to among the first distributors in the world to unpacked this beautiful levitating turntable.

Our first impressions are great. The package is very user-friendly. The manual has a perfect description of turntable with illustration, and the first visual impression is amazing. Everything is well-done, with high precision and high-gloss finish. We were also impressed with rear side connectors and the interconnect cable with additional isolation. And of course, the superb sound, which reminded us of turntables from 3 times higher price range.

More information about the Mag-Lev turntable is available on our product page:

Also, you can check out our new FB page dedicated to Mag-Lev Turntable, for all the future informations, photos, and other exclusive content.

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