Lavardin Model ISx Reference gets a review in Australian Hi-Fi Magazine


Lavardin amplifiers stands out as a slightly “conservative” audio brand, in terms of upgrades and new models. Their most praised and well-known Model IS Reference had a continuous production from 2001 to 2016, and the new Model ISx Reference – on the first sight – has only the new remote control and redesigned front-panel.

Of course, there is more than that, and Australian Hi-Fi Magazine had a chance to write and extended review of this interesting amp model. .

Jean Christophe Crozel, one of the two founders of Lavardin says: ‘The improvement is so huge that a present Model ISx, with or without remote, on certain aspects, is more musical and transparent than the previous Model IS Reference or even the Model IT.’

The quality of being musical is on of the most important for Lavardin ISx Reference, which is also a perfect fit with different Harbeth loudspeaker models.

Tony Simonette of Australian Hi-Fi concludes that his model “has a smooth and enchanting sound quality that’s entirely musical and beautifully detailed, while also being truthful in terms of tonal rendition. It’s a superb-sounding amplifier in every aspect.”

The complete review is available here:

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