Harbeth Monitor 30.2 Anniversary: Australian Hi-Fi Magazine review

Since the foundation of Audio Magic in Melbourne, Australian Hi-Fi Magazine was always there to put the new light on our distributed brands, especially the Harbeth speakers. Every reviewed model had a full, elaborated article and test, that stands out among many others written worldwide. 

When it gets to new 30.2 Anniversary model , there's an expected dilemma whether to buy 30.1 or 30.2 loudspeaker. In each case, Australian Hi-Fi is certain that the Harbeth 30.2 proved to be a very natural-sounding speaker, meaning that it addend no charachter of its own to the recorded sound. This is something typical for all the Harbeth models, as their basic quality among outher audiophile brands.

However, Hugh Douglas concludes:“ If it were a horse race, and I were the steward, I’d put the 30.2 Annniversaries ahead by a nose!” And also: “In the end, it will probably come down to having to make exactly the same decision you have to make every time you book an aeroplane flight, and that is that whether you choose to fly First Class or Business, you’re going to arrive in exactly the same place, at exactly the same time… but it’s ‘way nicer up at the pointy end.”

After all, the choice is yours, and here’s the complete 30.2 review and test:


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