Roon Nucleus available at Audio Magic

After the addition of Roon Labs software, as a complementary interface to our Lumin network players, it's time to complete the Roon offer with their new product.

Roon Nucleus is a simple solution for your digital music collection. You can connect it to your NAS, hook in a USB HDD or install an SSD&HDD to its internals. Nucleus and Nucleus + feature an Intel i-core processor, solid state (SSD) storage and memory. It's a perfect hardware for Roon's famous operating system.

Roon Core boots up in less than 2 seconds and there are two variants; i3 or i7 to choose from both with an integral SSD for the operating system with an option to add an SSD or HDD hard drive. You can also choose to connect via USB or NAS music storage and the HDMI output supports multichannel playback functioning with any network Roon Ready device. A 19V linear power supply is also available as an optional upgrade.

Simply connect a USB DAC or stream to any of the huge family of network players supported by Roon, including our amazing Lumin players, among 60 others brands. Roon is constructed differently to most audio systems out there and consists of a single core along with as many controls and outputs as you could need. You get the same Roon experience whether you're running on a single PC or on devices around your home.

Roon labs is provided by Australian distributor Interdyn.

Roon at Audio Magic:

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