Lumin T1: SoundStage! Australia review

In the age of digital audio, we are happy to work with brands committed to the development of network players, such as Lumin from Hong Kong. Their several products combine advanced hardware and software, in order to get the best of music files from the server, or streaming services: Tidal, Spotify, etc.

SoundStage! Australia published their review od T1, one of the best products from Lumin portfolio. Barry Jones points out that Lumin was one of the first manufacturers with a high-quality network media solution back in 2013, with further development of new models each year. The original app is focused on Tidal and Qobuz, considering their hi-quality audio files, and MQA support is also there. 

Jones says that "within less than a minute of listening, I could tell the T1 was noticeably smoother than the Oppo 105D and considerably more detailed and coherent than the Sonos".  In the conclusion, he finishes with a sentence: "The Lumin T1 has quelled all of my gripes about digital audio. No Longer am I left wanting for less complexity, more stability, easier access or better sound".

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