Harbeth awards: March overview

It's not a surprise to see some great reviews of Harbeth speakers, not just about the new 40th anniversary models. However, we're always happy to share the latest insights from relevant hi-fi magazines and journalists. Since the beginning of March, there were quite a few recognitions from the press.

For starters, four of Harbeth's were featured in The Absolute Sound 's Editors' Choice Awards - the P3ESR, Monitor 30.1, SHL5 plus and the Monitor 40.2. Couple of days after, P3ESR has been awarded as one of the best products in 2017. in the bookshelf speakers category by Audio magazine, from Korea. Some of their notions were: "An attractive speaker that is small, but produces rich sound...Harbeth’s P3ESR is exceptional." And also: "Its sounds almost made me dizzy with a rich, tight solid bass and a superb, articulate mid-range." At last, the new Monitor 30.2 was chosen as the "recommended component" by Stereophile!

Just a small reminder: Monitor 30.2 is on demo at SoundStage! Australia, and we're looking forward to read their review when it's done.

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