Harbeth Compact 7ES-3 review

It’s been a while since Compact 7ES-3 got a new review. Harbeth had some additions to its offer over the years, such as Monitor 40.2 and Monitor 30.2,40th anniversary editions, etc. Now, amazing Compact 7ES-3 got a new review from Part-time Audiophile magazine. Rafe Arnott writes from the point of view of someone who’s already in possession of other Harbeth speakers; his experience is very relevant on this topic. There’s also an interview with Alan Shaw, along with opservations on Harbeth sound and listening experience.

He concludes that Compact 7ES-3 has “nimbleness, musicality, excellent 3D sound-staging, honest translating abilities, and timbral accuracy that there was no way I couldn’t award them an Editor’s Choice Award”. And more: “Yes, I’ve heard speakers that go deeper, that have more air, and space in the highest octaves, and that can do a better job of fooling my brain into thinking that the musicians are in the room thanks to spatial cues, and lifelike 3D sound-staging, but not at this price point, or in a package this, well, err… compact”.

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