Tellurium Q Silver Diamond Waveform HF gets a review

More articles from Poland are coming! It appears that are very excited about Tellurium Q cables, as we are already. David Grzyb writes about this Silver Diamond cable in a very respectful way.

Here are some excerpts from the review:

" The first serious meeting with Tellurium Q products turned out to be unexpectedly interesting. An English company is considered a phenomenon, its products are said to be doing well against any competition, and several industry colleagues use them in their work.

I talked to Geoff several times and he gave the impression of a man who is 100% sure what his products are doing. More than once, he announced it to everyone and to him in a completely unforced way, as if it were an obvious truth. Now I know why. He just knows it from the inside and is not surprised.

Tellurium Q Silver Diamond hf is on many planes clearly better, capable of alterations that are beyond the reach of the product of the native operation. "

The complete review is available here, and it’s readable in English with a little help from Google translate:

Our Tellurium Q cable offer:

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